Having our roots firmly secured in a bohemian lifestyle means we have a strong connection to all things feminine, free and natural. This obviously impacts the materials and methods we choose. And which ones we choose to avoid.
Clean and breathable
The majority of our styles are made in natural fabrics like cotton, linen, wool and silk. If we use any synthetic materials, we do so consciously and only for a particular property it provides.

You will never find a Noa Noa collection without any styles that are made in 100 % organic cotton. Look for the label …

We could never dream of designing anything that used real fur. If we use leather in our clothing, the material is always waste products from animals that have been used in food production.  

Some of our knitwear contains merino wool because it retains heat effectively and has a wonderful next-to-skin softness. However, we exclusively use certified merino wool, which guarantees the sheep are treated properly and shorn painlessly.  

We do not use angora wool out of principle. This is because a satisfactory control system has not yet been established that ensures the rabbits are properly cut and combed instead of being plucked.

Limited use of chemicals
As a sustainable and responsible business in the global fashion market, we have introduced restrictions and limited use of chemicals. This applies to all the markets in which we are represented.  

Transport with care
In 2014, we set ourselves the goal of only allowing 20% of our goods to be transported by plane, as planes are a significant source of pollution. We have maintained this target ever since.