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On This Note is an afterthought; a comment even, on our global need to rethink how we consume. As we love fashion, we do not imagine a world without it, but On This Note enables us at Noa Noa to learn, to experiment, and to consider how to design, produce and consume with more sustainability in mind. We are not saving the world, but we are considering how to do just a little bit better.

Sustainability requires innovation, and at Noa Noa, having a strongly defined legacy means innovation needs to be spun into a design philosophy that is all about nostalgia. The brand’s capsule collection, On This Note is the embodiment of that philosophy.

Creating Noteworthy designs
Noa Noa has a strong design profile, allowing the brand’s nostalgic approach to each item in every collection to merge femininity and quality with deep-rooted attention to detail. This ensures every style is not only a representation of the brand’s identity but also that any woman adding a piece to her wardrobe knows she is actually updating and not buying into a current trend. In that sense, Noa Noa enables creativity and personal choices, thus making the creation of a personal look a reality, worth noting.

Looking ahead
Taking the Noa Noa legacy a step further, a deep-rooted part of the brand is the craftsmanship that the collections embody. Creating evergreens with such a complex DNA also requires making innovation a vital part of keeping the brand vibrant. This is why On This Note by Noa Noa is all about creating new evergreens sustainably. The future needs to be sustainable. Creating a capsule collection with a focus on sustainability allows for a new playground and learning processes that can later be adapted into Noa Noa’s main collection.

The meaningful connection
Noa Noa’s heritage, as depicted in On This Note by Noa Noa, will combine nostalgic approaches with new materials. New fibres and fabrics are being introduced to create a meaningful connection between the past and the future. Most of the styles in the capsule collection will be made from fibres with minimum impact on the environment. Sustainability is at the forefront, with 100% organic cotton placed side by side with 100% silk and the new fiber, Tencel®

Tencel® is a fabric fibre made of wood pulp, and one of the newest fibre inventions in textile production. Often using surplus wood, the wood pulp is pressed and spun using the technique of dry-jet wet spinning to create the threads for weaving the Tencel® fabric. Producing textiles from wood, enables an eco-friendly production, as the raw material wood can be grown, harvested and used in environmentally beneficial ways.
From a design perspective Tencel® has many advantages, as it is more absorbent than cotton, as well as it has a soft and drapy texture. It is smoother than silk, and regulates temperature making it even cooler than linen. And not least: The production of Tencel® is widely regarded as having the best possibility of being the most eco-friendly of textile productions

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