About Noa Noa


The story of Noa Noa

Noa Noa was established in Denmark by the brothers Harald and Lars Holstein back in 1981 as a feminine and romantic alternative to the hard-edged fashion at that time. ​

The name Noa Noa means ‘simple and harmonious’ in Tahitian and characterizes the feminine, bohemian and balanced universe of Noa Noa.​

Out collections are developed in Denmark from our design studios in the beautiful surroundings of North Sealand. Together with our special chosen suppliers from all over the world, we make sure that we meet the highest standards according to social responsibility. Therefore we are also members of BSCI, The Business Social Compliance Initiative.


Welcome to the house of Noa Noa

Today Noa Noa is owned by an investment group, with Greystone Capital as the prime investor.

The company includes three brands. The women brand Noa Noa, the childrens brand Noa Noa miniature from 2003 and since 2020, the accessories brand Unmade Copenhagen. ​

​To embrace it all, we call it House of Noa Noa.

Today, the brands are sold in 20 countries in around 40 concept stores, as well as in an additional +400 multi-brand stores around the world.


The spirit of Noa Noa

Noa Noa is an international fashion brand for women, based on a strong Danish design heritage with a belief that you can achieve the most in life with a strong will and by doing things in your own way. 

Our collections are made with a bohemian inspiration and a great passion for quality, fine details, hand drawn prints and in beautiful feminine silhouettes. ​Styles made with love for the suitable fitting and with a conscious mind on sustainability.

“Through our collections, we want women to feel the careful thoughtfulness that is put into each style and a feeling of being well dressed and comfortable, so they can achieve a more balanced lifestyle​”.


Noa Noa - product and design

Each collection is created as an inspiration for women to feel more balanced. The collections capsule bohemian inspiration, hand drawn vintage prints, poetry and calmness. We call it, slow fashion.

We are very proud of our qualities and strive to work with the best suppliers to get the greatest possible durability and properties. We have a wide range of knit designs made of both mohair and alpaca blends as well as organic cotton and LENZING ™ ECOVERO ™ viscose yarns.​

One of our highest priorities is always to ensure a wide variety of different shapes targeting all type of women bodies. Our sizes range goes from 32 – 44 (XXS to XXL)


On This Note

Our signature range is called “On This Note”. A Capsule collection which unites designs and traditions with a sustainable future thinking. The range is produced exclusively with pure goods, and not blended qualities. We do this to make it easier to reuse the textiles afterwards. In addition, the qualities must be organic where possible, or we use LENZING ECOVERO together with 100% silk and Tencel® fiber. 


The brand essence of Noa Noa miniature

The spirit of Noa Noa miniature, is a bohemian ​and nostalgic inspiration with a significant ​Scandinavian heritage. ​

Noa Noa miniature consist of three collections for ​each season:​

  • Baby-girl 0-24 months
  • Boy 1-6 years
  • Girl 3-12 years. ​

Some print designs are similar in each of the three collections, and common for them all, they are developed in our charming design studio in Denmark. The hand drawn prints take you back to a vintage market in Paris, mixed with the current colours and tendency. ​

Our ideology is to create kids wear in the finest ​detailed design, in soft qualities and for the kids to ​stay playful in.​


The story of Noa Noa miniature

Noa Noa miniature is spurred out of the mother brand, Noa Noa. Noa Noa was founded by the brothers Holstein back in 1981 as a women brand. The first Noa Noa miniature collection was launched in 2003 with a significant heritage from the mother brand.​

Noa Noa is originally a Tahitian word meaning simple and harmonious. That is what we still pay tribute to, along with creating space to be the unique and playful child you are.​


The mini-design

Our three size collections are embraced with romantic charm and a nostalgic touch. All seasons have a great range of basics in the finest qualities and colours.​

We are in particular known for our dresses in different silhouettes and with oriental hand drawn prints, small details and in colours matching the seasons. All styles are well fitted from our constructers.​


A Scandinavian accessories brand

Unmade Copenhagen is a Scandinavian accessories brand. In our design studio we transform contemporary designs into our own signature styles. By rethinking the way, we use fabrics, by adding small details and by working persistently in finding unique partners with extensive traditions within quality assurance and handcrafting techniques we generate styles for the conscious woman. That’s why we say; ​

“Without us, you are Unmade”​

The Unmade look is characterized by the contrasts between the feminine and masculine. The inspiration comes from vintage prints in combination with new and sporty styles, blended with powerful signature prints and quality fabrics.​

Our collections represent a great selection of accessories styles. ​

Scarves, gloves, bags, soft access, hats, belts and socks. In addition to accessories, we also design kimonos and dresses.


The story of Unmade Copenhagen

Unmade Copenhagen is a successful Danish brand established in Copenhagen 2016.​

​The ambition has always been to create accessories that should inspire and compliment women. ​

The idea is to take contemporary designs and make it into our own by rethinking the creative work with both fabrics and the significant details in the design.​

​By the summer of 2020, Unmade became a part of the House of Noa Noa. The brand identity is the same, but the brands accompany each other in a perfect way and the distribution of Unmade has increased even further.​

Today, our products are sold in 16 countries across three continents.​


Unmade - the brand promise

We try to be as sustainable as possible. ​

We only use leather from cattle used in food production ecological cotton and relentlessly focus on recycling with REPREVE, where plastic bottles are reused to make polyester fiber.​

All our suppliers comply to programs such as BSCI and SEDEX​.

And adding Unmade accessories to existing clothes revitalizes and rejuvenates your wardrobe. ​

Bring clothes to live again for another month, season, year… is truly sustainable.​